Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello and Welcome!

Hi! This is my new blog for reviewing mainly YA books, but there may be some more kiddish, as well as books belonging in the main adult section of my library. But their classification system is screwed up- really, I think they base it on length (unless it's Pooh Bear Goes To Town or something, then I really hope they know it isn't YA!).... By the way, the books reviewed here are basically American books and titles. Seeing as I'm an American. But I get British books often, online or at bookstores. You never know :)

If you're a publisher or author, I would absolutely, positively looooove to interview you or review your book- just shoot me an email at:

Feel free to leave comments, I love feedback!

P.S. If you enjoy book review blogs, I have an extensive list of great book sites, who have other links, who have other other links... so by reading this you're pretty much connected to every blog, come to think of it! ( Like the Kevin Bacon theory... Mmm, Kevin Bacon... :)) If you have any recommendations to make my new site better, email me at the said email or leave a comment. Once again, can't get enough of that feedback :D

May your books be long, characters be adorable, and may they be in large supply :)


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