Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looks by Madeleine George

Title: Looks
Author: Madeleine George
Rating: ***/5

Looks is a book about new girl Amiee Zorn, an anorexic girl with poetic aspirations, missing her almost-stepdad, and Meghan Ball, a regular student at the same school. Well, she's normal except for the fact that she is ENORMOUS. She is constantly and intensely scorned by J-Bar and his "crew", who we later find out has a past with Meghan (J-Bar, I mean). Aimee joins the school's literature mag, the Photon, and meets Cara Roy, a fellow student and leader of the paper, who befriends Aimee. Aimee goes over to Cara's house one Satuday, and they share poetry. Aimee has written a poem called "Hunger Strike," which Cara thinks is about anorexia, and tells Aimee a secret related to the issue about herself, and asks if she can keep the poem. They both enter a poetry contest and Cara wins, and Aimee sees that it's her own poem, rewritten a little ("It even has her poem's shoes- the last line!" Parts like that are what made e give this book a mediocre rating)! She has no choice but to ask Fat Girl, Meghan, for help getting her poem back. Meghan has been hurt by Cara as well, long ago, and they both team up to write a different poem and replace it with that. But it ends up with Cara being put in serious danger by J-Bar- you'll have to read it to find out what exactly happened. I really liked all the good similes Madeleine G. used. I just wasn't impressed by this book, and half of it was spent talking about how fat Meghan is and how pitiful and loserish. If it happens to be at your library and not on a very low shelf so you odn't have to work to get it, you might try it.


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