Monday, March 23, 2009

The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

Title: The Luxe (Book One)
Author: Anna Godbersen
Rating: *****/5

Yay, a good review! Sorry for writing one or two everyday for the whole TWO DAYS I've had this blog- I'm trying to review the books I've read in teen sections, and this is one I've read recently- after this post is published comes two, Rumors, and in a few weeks, the latest, Envy.
The Luxe is a 432 page book, worth reading every word, about 5 high-society teens in Manhattan at the time of 1899: Elizabeth and younger sister/ troublemaker Diana Holland; Elizabeth's maid until the end of the book, Lina Broud; and Henry Schoonmaker, the
local playboy; and Penelope Hayes, a secretly evil girl, who's constant companion is Buck Isacc (I think this is his last name, sorry!), who is secretly in love with Henry. The thing about this book is, you don't know what's going to happen- it's like a soap opera without the corny plot that doesn't make sense and the evil twins and... okay, it's nothing like a soap opera, I just meant you desperately want to find out what happens next. Lina and Elizabeth are both in love with Will, the horse groomer, and the Holland's are running out of money- but Henry Schoonmaker come to solve that problem. Prompted by his father, who will be running for mayor and thinks having his son married to the most adored female in high society, Elizabeth Holland herself, Henry sets off to propose to Elizabeth, who accepts. Everything will be all right, right? Not at all. This isn't a spoiler, because it says so on the cover and in the prologue, which is set on the day of her funeral- she falls into the river on a carriage ride with Penelope Hayes- or so everyone thinks. But what really happened that day?
I thought it would be a bit boring, because of how formal the book is written, but not at all. Constant drama abounds, and it's not like there's any "Overly sophisticated" words. Once you finish this, you'll be dying to get the next- I certainly was, they leave you with an awful cliffhanger! :(

P.S. Sorry the pics of the books are blurry.


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