Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Nature Of Jade by Deb Caletti

Title: The Nature Of Jade
Author: Deb Caletti
Rating: **/5

Wow, two bad reviews today- I'm now getting books I read about a month or so ago, ones that really stood out to me- which wasn't always a good thing, proved in this book.
I really only grabbed this book because I saw that it was about a girl with Panic Disorder, I wanted to know what that was and what it did to you. Um, it makes you panic, shocker.
It's about a girl, Jade, obviously, with Panic Disorder. She finds danger and fear in almost anything, but there's one thing besides her patron saint candles that makes her feel safer- watching the elephants at the zoo. She keeps the Zoofinder camera on her computer up all the time, and visits them often, and when she gets braver starts to work there. She had originally came to the zoo with the full intent of becoming the next Darwin or something, and brought a folding chair and painstakingly formatted notebook to the exhibit- but they creeped her out, and she went over and watched the elephants, and fell in love with them.
One day, when she's watching the camera while doing homework, she sees a youngish boy, maybe 19 or 20, carrying a little toddler, showing him the elephants. For whatever reason she's fascinated by him and kind of... well, STALKS him. They meet, become friends, and she falls for him. But they can't be together. He's actually.. (SPOILER ALERT) on the run from his wife, who is the mother of the toddler, Bo. He's living with his grandmother in her city.
The plot is alright, but all of Caletti's books I've ever tried to read just don't make sense. She uses comparisons in stupid places, too frequently, and they make no sense. A favorite of hers, pretty much found every other page, is "tinkling ice cubes." HUH? What does that sound like?
Anyways, I really don't recommend this book, you're wasting your money, but if it's at the library, everyone has their own tastes, maybe I'm just crazy. (But I don't think I am so much, at least on this discision...)


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