Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 8 by Katie Finn

Title: Top 8
Author: Katie Finn
Rating: ***/5

Top * starts with a girl named Madison MacDonald's profile on something liek the fictional equivalent of Myspace, Friendverse, and when she goes to the Galapagos for spring break, she comes back to find weird comments from the people in her top 8, all her friends. Then, she takes a look at her profile: a picture of her looking SO drunk, creepy people replacing her friends on her top 8, and stupid errors and, say, song choices, as well as saying she wants to break up with her new boyfriend, Justin! She's shocked, and it's ruined her whole reputation. She can't walk down a hallway without being looked at like everyone was just talking about what she allegedly did. Who could have done this to Madison? Kristen, the popular girl? Her evil little brother, who had been spending a lot of time and money on the ancient computer on the cruise? or someone even closer to her than she thinks...?
Then she meets Nate, whose family was on the cruise with them. They go out to get dessert and somehow end up eating gelato on a kind-of date. At first, i really liked Nate, he seemed all cool, and he had this one quote from the movie Clue, where when Madison said, "So, too make a long story short-" He was all, "Too late," and got all embarrassed, and I thought he was so cool. I've been thinking about it, and I've seen the movie Clue numerous times. While funny, it's not really all that, um, COOL and enigmatic as we are supposed to think. Plus, I don't like quoting stuff like that in conversation, it's too cliche. Anyways, so they kinda fall for each other.
At first, i really liked this book, but I read it last year when school was starting, and I've changed my mind. Madison is a prep, and the characters are kind of... flat. And there's this whole big thing about how Madison said she doesn't like drama kids and how the hacker posted that and how it was actually true and realizing that drama kids were O.K. people was dumb. But it was good when I was reading it, you might like it, and i got some song recommendations because every chapter starts with a song and quote that goes along with what happens.


Sara Leslie said...

great review! i'm gonna see if i can get ahold of a copy, the book sounds great (:

as for your question;

there should be something on your blog that says customise, click on that then 'add widget'
there should be one called labels. add that.
then put a tag on all your posts saying what the rating/news/interview/etc is, it's best to have as few as possible.
then it should show up!

i hope it's an okay explanation - any questions, just post a comment on my site - i get them all e-mailed to me (:

Megan said...

Okay, thanks so much! :)

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