Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great Upcoming Books!

I know I don't write about new books very often, but I need some of that to make it interesting, right? I'm soooooo excited about these books coming out soon, most in May and June!

Prada and Prejeduce by Many Hubbard

Doesn't this look cool? I'm so excited about this one because I love Pride and Prejiduce, and it's a girl transported into that, so it has a modern twist. Coming out June 11 of this year! Sorry I don't have anything else to say about the plot, I can't find anything just yet, not many people know about it apparently... yet.

How To Buy A Love of Reading, by Tanya Egan Gibson

This one comes out May 14 on Amazon... I heard about this on another blog, I can't remember which, and I've been trying to remember so I can read about the plot... Oh, it's from GreenBeanTeenQueen! I have a link to that, btw, on the list. ANyways, here's what I remember:

Carley, the protagonist in this story, hates reading. When asked by someone what her favorite book is, she says, "I never mat a book I liked." Who can blame her for it not being her fave thing, with her lit teachers? Their lessons have names like, "Backstory Is Afterbirth"... and that's not e en the worst name, trust me. Her personal trainer also says she's fifty pounds overweight. Yup, she has a personal trainer, lucky rich girl. Her teacher's say she is cultureless, so her parents try to buy her a love of reading, hence the title...

Peace, Love and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle

Besides How to Be Bad, in which she wrote in one of the 3 character's P.O.V., I haven't read her books, but I've heard she's phenomenal. Anyone know if that's true? HTBB was great, so probably! Anyways, there's a review of this on Em's Bookshelf, the April 24th post. She tells all about this book, and the highs and lows of it. Coming out in May this year!

Okay, buh-bye now.


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