Friday, April 24, 2009

Home, and Other Big Fat Lies by Jill Wolfson Review

Title: Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies
Author: Jill Wolfson
Pages: 224 pp (H.B.)
Publisher: Henry Holt & Company, Incorporated
H.B. Price:
Rating: */5

Oh my God, I didn't realize how bad this book is. It started out kind of funny and pretty interesting. Then all the character were introduced, each more annoying and weird than the last, and I just... wow.
Before I continue, I'll give you a little background: Whitney is headed to her 12th foster home, way up in California, where there's nothing but trees, trees and more trees. The social workers say a little ball of energy like her would love living there, but Whitney is sure that it'll be just one more place where a loud-mouthed, hyper, small-for-her-age girl who "kicked heart disease in the butt" doesn't belong.
The plot was pretty predictable, the dialogue was annoying, and I couldn't stand any of the weird characters! I'm sorry, but I just hated this book. Few things were good about it, really, but at least that's something.
The girl, Whitney, is obnoxious. The author attempts humor, but it's not funny. It's two main stabs: Whitney uses all these expressions (like, "That really sticks in my craw" and "hold your horses"), and mixes them up. That was okay at first, but I started looking for them- and there was at least one EVERY 2 PAGES. C'mon! It wasn't that funny in the first place.
Another was spelling things with a lot of vowels and saying, with [NUMBER] [LETTER]'s. That also happened all the time. And she had all these catchphrases that put the likes of those in the Nancy Drew series to shame in their dorkiness.
Seriously? Just don't bother with this book. Sorry I bring you no good recommendations, but that's the way it is, I gotta tell all.


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