Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbaleister

Title: How to Ditch Your Fairy
Author: Justine Larbalestier
Pages: 32o ps
Publisher: Bloomsbury US Children's Books, September 16, 2008
Rating: ***/5
How to Ditch Your Fairy focuses on a 14-year-old named Charlie. She lives in New Avalon (which is a country like a mix of the US and Australia as well as something else, which was my favorite thing about this story), where everything about your life is determined by your fairy. Almost everyone is assigned a fairy, except for a few who don't believe, which decides whether you make a team (Charlie's high school revolves around sports), pass a class, or find the perfect outfit.
Or in Charlie's case, the perfect parking space. Charlie has a parking fairy, which ensures that whatever car she's in will get a perfect parking spot. She doesn't even drive, and she hate cars! Tired of always being dragged along by neighbors, friends, relatives, and the school bully Danders Anders (yes, these people have some funky names, like Fiorenze or Steffi) in their cars (as well as always smelling faintly of gasoline), she devises The Plan: She'll walk EVERYWHERE. No buses, no taxis, no cars, just on foot. She thinks that "starving" her fairy will make it go away and be replaced.
This almost works, but Danders grabs her and her fairy comes to life once again.
And on top of all this, there's Steffi- the new, more-than-noticeably handsome boy in her grade. Charlie's sure how she feels about him, but not what he thinks of her. But at least he doesn't seem interested in Fiorenze, who has an all-the-boys-like-you fairy. Until he meets her...
FIorenze's mother has written a book called the Ultimate Fairy Book, but thinks no one knows about. So Charlie goes over to Fi's house, and they sneak in her mother's room, unlock the case it's in, and read through it- turns out Fi hates her fairy as well, which shocks Charlie. They finally find a swapping method, and Fiorenze gets Charlie's fairy and vice verso.Charlie couldn't be happier- Steffi loves her now! But her new love fairy isn't what it seems- compared to this, she would have gladly embraced her parking fairy! Steffi obviously isn't in love with Charlie herself, just the fairy forcing him to. What should Charlie do?

I gave this only 3 stars because it had weird slang, and most people don't know there's a glossary of it at the back, so you're seriously confused when people say "doos" or "spoff's" and "poxy". I knew, and it was kind of hard to read to read when you have to keep flipping to the back.
Another thing was that I didn't fall in love with Steffi. You have to fall in love with the boy that the character does, and I didn't. In 4 and 5 star books, I do. Twilight fans might understand what I mean, you probably fell in love with Edward or the other dude, whatever his name was, I"m not reading it, right? He just seemed fake. Yes, I know it's a book. It's really hard to explain. I just didn't like him! Anyways, I really liked it besides, despite the characters and weird slang, and it's pretty cool besides. Maybe if it's at the library, because it's kind of expensive, and only in hardback.


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