Saturday, April 4, 2009

Serafina67 by Susie Day

Title: serafina67 *urgently requires life*
Author: Susie Day
Pages: 240ps
Publisher: Scholastic Press, Sept. 1 2008
Rating: *****/5

serafina67 is different because it's written entirely in blog form (how appropriate: P). The blog belongs to Sarah, a funny (if slightly emoish) teen in England. Sarah really tries to do her best for her mom and at everything else as well, but it always turn out badly.
It starts from her life New Years Eve onward. She got a "Shiny New Laptop" from her dad, who is getting remarried soon, and along with that comes a shiny new blog! She makes a resolutiion to be happy by April 22nd, which is when the mysterious Incident happened.
Another thing she wants to do is find out who the mysterious blog-reader, daisy13, is. Boy? Girl? Friend? Foe? Gooey chocolate goodness!?! Whoever it is, it's definitely not who you expect.
This book was absolutely hilarious! It has wierd British slang in it (no offense, British peeps) but has a glossary in the back for foreigner types like myself. It's a really easy read, and if you read in short periods at a time, the "chapters" are post and usually only a page long, plus you'll probably find it unputdownable like I did, especially if you're of the teen girl variety.
P.S. You can visit the author, Susie Day's, newly-renovated blog here:


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