Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott Review

Title: Stealing Heaven
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Pages: 320 p.s (Hardback)
Hardback Price: $16.99
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Rating: *****/5

I read this months ago, but it's still like I read it last week- that's how I know if a book is truly fiver material.
Okay, let's see what I can remember when aided by Barnes & Noble!
Danielle (Dani for short) is eighteen, and she's been stealing things for as long as she can remember.
That how it's starts out, only in her point of view and more, um, shock-factory.
Danielle has been trained to be a thief all her life by the best one there is- her mother. They move constantly, and it's all Dani has ever known. She makes sure never to make friends in any way, shape or form- and especially not to fall in love.
Then, after a successful robbery, they move to the beach town of Heaven, Florida. This time, it's different. She makes a few friends, and even meets a guy, named Greg. But then she finds out Greg is a policeman, and is looking for the people committing the robberies in Heaven! Danielle is faced with a tough choice: the life she's always known, or the life she always wanted.
This book was wonderful. I seriously couldn't put it down. I tucked it under my desk in math class to read, as opposed to doing algebra, it was so good (well, I probably would have done that with any book. I don't like math, but who does?... No offense to you math-lovin' dorks, like my BF. ;) )! And I had a major crush on Greg. He was so incredibly developed... I've been meaning to get more by this author, and Perfect You has been in my stack of bought books for months!
Dani was likable, confusing, and easily related to, as well as many other things, through out the book. I was so amazed at her depth! I knew Ms. Scott was a phenomenal writer, but wow.
There were a lot of twists and turns in the plot, which were sad, romantic... well, varied.
All, YOU MUST READ THIS. It was a great summer read, which is what I'm focusing on reviewing as school winds down.
Peace out, Meggin (aka Megan, which is boring, so I changed the spelling.)

P.S. Did any body out there participate in Operation Book Drop? I never know about these things! I totally would have dropped of my copy of Audrey, Wait (review for that soon, by the way)! Guess I'm not In with the Book Blog spot community yet... :(

Okay, bye for real now, chocolate is calling me... and so is that copy of Perfect You. I hope it's as good as this!


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