Wating On Wednesday

First off, thanks to Harmony Book Reviews on Wordpress for Waiting on Wednesday! She didn't really have the idea, but I saw it there first. It's books available for preorder that haven't been released yet, found by spending very productive (;P) time leafing through Amazon and Barnes&Noble sites.

OoO Shiny... I've read some mediocre reviews for it, but oh well. It's owrth a try- I just hope they get ii in at the two libraries! It's only hardcover... :( why do manufacturers do that to us, their loyal customers? *sigh* It came out May 14. Look for it!

June 11, and I'm counting down. Classic literature meets modern teen fiction? Beautiful! Absolutely can't wait... Best part? It's coming out in paperback and hardback! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this is the one I'll be buying first. Now, for the Ava Gardner of the books I'm pining for...

Loove the title, and I was so unbelievably happy to see that is got published in America two months ago! I've wanted this book for aout a year- it's a UK book, so I couldn't get it, but I read about it on an Irish blog and I think it sounds great. Too bad it's only hardback... But maybe it's worth it?

Okay, there's more, but these are the top three, any look good?

This is probably going to be a monthly thing, so till August 1!

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