Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everything Is Fine. by Ann Dee Ellis Review

Title: Everything Is Fine.
Author: Ann Dee Ellis
Pages: 154 PP
Publisher: Little, Brown and Co.
MSRP: $16.99
Rating: */5

Mazeline's (Mazzy for short) life is falling apart. Because of a terrible accident (I won't tell you, you'd have to read the book to find out- which I don't recommend doing), her mom won't get out of bed or do anything, for that matter, and her dad's pretty much abandoned the family. Mazzy is in charge now.
This was SO annoying! She did embarrassing, stupid things for no reason, like she karate chopped at random and kept putting oranges in her bra- AND WEARING THEM IN PUBLIC. That was a little funny at first, but, um, ew.
And the color scheme made you want to throw up! That's what it looks like, too. All these grungy colors in stripes, yeah.
And I HATED the characters- they were all so cruel- like, Mazzy was a total spaz when it came to society, because of her messed up life, and the others were just dumb. And there was no romance. A good book needs some, at least a little like, right? I think so.
The plot didn't have much going on. It wasn't exciting, key points were never explained sometimes (not even the subtlest of clues), and the writing wasn't interesting.
People, I am just not having a good streak with books lately. Trust me when I say you shouldn't bother with this book.
Okay, anyone have some good book recommendations to save me from this deep pit of biblioangst?


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