Saturday, May 30, 2009

French MIlk, by Lucy Knisley Review

Title:French Milk
Author: Lucy Knisley
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 208
MSRP: $15.00 (I KNOW! It's a paperback, a thinnish one too, and they're charging HB?)
Rating: * * * */5
This isn't YA, just one of those random good things you find when you're just killing time at the B 'n' N. My mom actually found this in the travel section, and thought I might like it. And I definitely did!
Lucy K., the author, is a gifted cartoonist, destined to be famous for it, and this is a kind of comic book about the month and a half she and her mother spent in Paris, France, for their birthday- Lucy's 22nd, and her mom's 50th- and what they did. Things like visiting Oscar Wilde's grave, watching fireworks on New Year's Eve from the Eiffel Tower, hanging around in cafes, an, obvious due to the title, drinking the French milk Lucy was practically obssessed with.
What interested me so much about this is my love of Paris, and all things European- I want to backpack across Europe someday, like Lucy (author) and her friend Nelly did. I liked reading about the food there, and the scenery, and the cafes the went to, plus the meuseums.
It's different from most books because it's not actually words, just photographs, drawings, and random musings of Lucy's. It's apparently a journal she kept eight days before going to Paris to after getting home again.
Despite its being a paperback and the MSRP being the same as a hardback book (!!!), get a discounted copy like I did, because trust me, it's WORTH IT!
Erk, I really want to go to Paris even more now, though...


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