The Reader's Rights

Hey people! I'm reading a lot of books at the same time in short snippets lately, so not much is getting done, but the ones I'm working on are all almost finished; be prepared for a sudden storm of reviews. I'm ashamed to say that I copied this from "Valentina's Room" blog, in a little text on the side column. I thought it was really cool, I'm putting it at the bottom; I've tweaked it a little, though, with new "amendments" and cutting parts off, maybe. So without further ado, the Reader's Rights!

The Reader's Rights

  • The right to read.
  • The right NOT to read.
  • The right to not finish books.
  • The right to skip pages.
  • The right to skim instead of truly reading.
  • The right to reread.
  • The right to read anything.
  • The right to read banned books.
  • The right to mistake a book for real life.
  • The right to read anywhere.
  • The right to read out loud.
  • The right to be quiet.
  • The right to fall in love with characters in books.
  • The right to know what everyone else is reading.
  • The right to have too many books.
  • The right to carry a book wherever you go.

Funny, and cute, right? Well, I thought so. I added a lot, skipped a few that I didn't get (The right to "dip in"? Anyone able to explain? May be Irish slang, blog I got this from is Irish...?). If you have any to add, just leave them in a comment! And feel free to ad this to your blog, if you like it.

Oh, in other news, I'm not doing so good on the Dessen challenge. I have already read Lock and Key, which I loved and hated at the same time, and have just started Someone Like You. But I have to buy the others, so it'll take a while.

Peace out,


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