Monday, May 11, 2009

Sarah Dessen Book Challenge

Em over on Em's Bookshelf (link on Blogs & Other Sites) is hosting a challenge: Read all nine of Sarah Dessen's books. Her goal is by June 30, but yours could be, say, by the end of '09 or by the end of the summer. Here are the rules:

1.) Read all books by Sarah Dessen.

2.) Set your own time frame. Mine is by the end of '09, Em's is June 30, but do whatever works best for your schedule. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, so don't stress! :)

3.) Comment on this post or link to it on your own blog. The more people who know about it, te more people that will cheer us on!

She has a related contest going on to get you excited about it. Make a button for the challenge, and the coolest one wins, the prize being... AN EARLY RELEASE COPY OF ALONG FOR THE RIDE, DESSEN'S NEWEST BOOK!

Here are a few she made to get your creative juices stirring...

Okay, get cracking on those S.D. books, make some buttons (which I can't because I am pathetically clueless as to techy things as that) and tell all YA book enthusiasts you know about the challenge!


Em said...

Sweet, are you gonna join the challenge then? :)

Meggin said...

Yup, I love her books, but I've just read one- great challenge idea!

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