So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld Review

Title: So Yesterday
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Pages: 225pp
Publisher: Penguin Group
MSRP: $16.99
Rating: * * */5

Not a new book, I know, but my site reviews the books I read- like this one.

This book didn't impress me, honestly. The plot was pretty good, the writing was funny, but parts were just... odd. The ending wasn't very satisfying, more anticlimactic, actually. I didn't really feel any which way about the characters- the narrator, Hunter Braque, and Jen, as well as the other characters, were just there.
It does make you think a bit though- Westerfeld's books are known for that- like, about what is cool anyway, and who decides what is and isn't cool? 'Coz I want to talk to the person who decided all this; they made some serious mistakes.
So, some background info: Hunter is a teen who is hired by a certain company (this book has a thing about not naming brands, so it gives hints, which was kind of fun; I think this company, which everyone calls "the client," is Nike) to find what's "cool" lately. So, he goes "cool hunting" one day in Manhattan, where he lives, and meets a girl named Jen, when he asks to take a pic of her shoelaces because of their design. Jen is an Innovator, at the top of the Cool Pyramid, who comes up with the at-first-unpopular trends second-level Trend Setters like Hunter make cool.
He takes her to a meeting, and then another at a street in Manhattan to meet his boss Mandy, but they find just her phone in an abandoned building- she's been kidnapped!
There was this cool thing about paka-paka, Japanese animation color sequence, that was in there, which actually happened in '97. It gave kids seizures, apparently. I thought that was so cool. Um, not the seizures, the paka-paka thing!
Over all, this book is worth reading, despite the average rating.
Mmkay, gotta get cracking on my other books!
Peace out, Meggin

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