Sunday, June 14, 2009

Book Time!

What time is it? BOOK TIME!... Okay, daily geek-out over. Wait, one more wave... IT'S ALWAYS BOOK TIME IN MEGGINLAND *dances* No, really, I'm done. Anyways. =D

It's also time for a book questionnaire! *Holds up sign with APPLAUSE on it* *Pointed silence ensues* Um, it's a fun one... coz it's about books! What'd ya expect, you were getting audited? *Buh dum BOM* Seriously folks, is this thing on? ;)

I just found this online, in my many definitely NOT wasted x-D hours spent on this teeny tiny laptop. So, here's my Q & A, complete w/ answers, for some good recommendations:

  • What book are you dying to read this summer? Coffeehouse Angel, Wake or Fade (which is first?)
  • Any books you have to read for school? No, not yet, at least!
  • Fave place to read a book? Basically anywhere, and any book. But I love reading during a thunderstorm!
  • Recommend a book to read on the beach. Serafina67 *urgently requires life*- sad at parts, but mostly hilarious and original, a light chick-lit read (my favorite kind!) And maybe the Shopaholic series, by Sophie Kinsella
  • Recommend a book to read (inside, of course!) during a thunderstorm. Flowers for Algernon- really sad, good for the gloomy mood rain puts you in.
  • What was you favorite book as a kid? Ella Enchanted, Lemony Snickett books.
  • Best book you've read of '09? The Book Thief
  • What's the latest book to made you cry? Sundays At Tiffany's
  • What's the scariest book you've read? I really don't read a lot of horror books.
  • Funniest? The Heather Wells series, by Meg Cabot- a reading must! And the Shopaholic series- I almost died laughing!
  • Twilight or Harry Potter? Um, neither, thanks. Supernatural books just don't appeal to me.
  • If you lend a book to a friend, how soon do you expect to get it back? My friends aren't exactly... "literarily inclined." (Word? No clue.)
  • Snacking while reading- do you do it? No, not usually. We don't have good snacks in my house :( *cries*
  • Name a book that needs more zombies. I don't think any book does- especially not Pride and Prejudice... (have you seen that? *Shakes head* It's just... I don't even know. No offense if you liked it, though!)
  • Weirdest thing you've used for a bookmark? Anything by me, I use. Weirdest being a piece of gum- which is a good idea. You have a book AND a snack!

Feel free to use this on your blog, hope you got good rec's from my answers!

Peace out, Meggin


Anonymous said...

Haha, sorry but I can't resist copying this!

Expect it posted up soon :)

Meggin said...

:D Thats ok! I can't wait to see your answers :)

P.S. I'm getting 2 ARCs of books! YAY! One of them is Ipods In Accra... you made it sound so great =) I'll link to your review of it, if that's ok.

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