Monday, June 22, 2009

Books To Movies: 2009-2010!; Coffee Minichallenge

I needed to do somethign for movie Monday, and since some of my readers have told me they'd prefer if i mainly focused on books, others say they like having a variety, I'm doing books being/have been made INTO movies- everybody wins, right? So, yup, YAY! Anyways.

Okay, the first book-turned-movie, of which I just saw the preview for for the first time, is: "I Love You, Beth Cooper," by Larry Doyle. I see this on shelves all the time at B & N, and it always looks so funny and cool- but I've never read it. Now I don't have to: It's coming out the summer! Summary: A geeky guy named Denis falls in love with the head cheerleader, Beth- then says he loves her at graduation, in front of everyone! I think it sounds cute.

Post-Grad: A Pre-Life Crisis by Emily Cassell
I was interested in this because I saw Alexis Bledel on the cover, and I got all screechy and excited, because I thought it was the long-awaited Gilmore Girls movie, here at last, since AB was on the cover, and I thought, maybe the post grad part means after she graduated from Yale. Alas, it was not to be.... but I'm still pretty excited by this movie anyways, and I'm gonna get the book ASAP!
This was the only piccy I could find, both for the movie and book. Here's what it's about: Ryden Malby had a plan for a perfect life: follow four steps, and that was it. Do good in high school, get a great scholarship, move to LA, and get a job at one of the world's largest publishing houses. But what happens if and when her plans don't work out that way?
Georgia Nicholson Series!
I know a ton of people love this series, but I've yet to read it. Dunno why. It looks hilarious, is it any good?... Anyways, can you believe it's being made into movies!? YAY! I can't wait to see it!

Now it's time for my coffee minichallenge!
I don't think I'll make buttons for it, it's just a thing where I read books with a certain theme to them: the best thing ever- coffee! I've been drinking coffee since I turned twelve, and I get it every chanceI get- even if i have to beg. I'm totally willing to sacrifice my dignity for a java chip frappachino with an extra shot of expresso... yum. :)
SO here are the books I'm determined to read for the minichallenge!

They all look so great, right? I can't wait to get home, to the library, and check these out.
Okay, it's 3 a.m..... I definitely need to go to sleep, right? Meh. I feel all insomniatic. I'll just read, I guess.
Peace out! -Meggin

P.S. Do you have any more coffee-themed reads? Post a comment of them if you do, please!


Jessica Secret said...

I really like this post! If you want to read the Georgia Nicholson series, there's a challenge going on right now hosted by GreenBeanTeenQueen.

P.S. A Gilmore Girls movie is needed!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

You should definitely read the Georgia Nicolson series. They're fabulous!

Meggin said...

SMBSLT: I've heard they're absolutely hilarious, and they look liek it too... but they're always checked out!

Jessica: Yeah, I read your post on that, and I'm going to enter :) I wanted to post a comment on your blog, but it wouldn't let me :( I'm soooo with you on the GG movie... the ending was the WORST.

Anonymous said...

The Georgia Nicholson books are pretty big in the UK (at least they are where I live) so I've read them all, and they are awesome! You won't be disappointed!

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