Sunday, June 21, 2009

In My Mailbox; Official ABCA Challenge Rules!

I know it's kind of late for this, but it's still techinically Sunday. So, yup.

I am sooooo excited about the books I got this week! I usually don't get hardcovers, seeing as they're so expensive, but I couldn't resist getting the Real Real and L.A. Candy (I know, I know. I'm holding my breath hoping that it won't be... cringe-inducing. That's the best description I can think of, but you know what I mean. Stereotypical, like the characters are all flat and perfect, nothing bad happens... you know how the people on the Hills are- you can't help but seriously doubt their writing abilities. I also got Prada & Prejudice! YAY!!!!!!!!!! *Happy dance* *Blushes in embarrassment at happy dance *Proceeds to dance anyways* I thought it was coming out in July, and then I saw it at Book-A-Million, I seriously wanted to scream all happy-like :) Then I got the first book in the Kate Brian Private series, Private. I know, everyone's read that forever ago... so just skip over the review when it comes.

Okay, here we go...

The Revieved: None, but I do have a few ARC's on the way. So maybe next week?

From the Library:

The Bought:

And that's my haul this week!

So what'd everybody else get?

P.S. Thanks to The Story Siren for IMM!

-Peace out, Meggin

Oops! I forgot to type the ABC Authors Challenge Official Rules... Here they are! Most challenges have a lot of rules, but this one is a little more flexible.

  • You can only use an author's name once. For example, I could use Meg Cabot and read a book by her for either C or M, but you can't read a book by her for C AND M, even if they're different books.
  • Set your own time limit. This is 26 different books, and since everyone reads at different rates, has to find books and authors for the challenge, etc., you set the due date to what's best for you. Mine will be by the December 11 (my birthday, woo!), or July 1 of 2010, but you set your own.
  • Post about this challenge on your blog. That way, lots of people will know about it, and participate. I'd appreciate it TONS!
  • Have fun! Make sure the book you're reading is something you enjoy!

Now, I've seriously got to make myself go to bed.

-Peace out, Meggin


prophecygirl said...

I love Markus Zusak! Hope you enjoy your books :)

Meggin said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone can join Chick-lit Chicks!! We have Austrailian vloggers, so it doesn't matter where you're from! We'd love to hear about books that are your favourites that we don't necassarily get in the UK!!! So please think about joining - I sent you an e-mail but you must not have got it :S I also attached a button I thought you'd like :)

And look forward to the link to a challenge blog I'll make for the challenge!!! I am soooo doing it :)

Anonymous said...

OMG you got Chains!?!?! Jealous much :L

Meggin said...

Okay then, I'd love to join :) I haven't gotten the e-mail since I'm stuck in Gatlinburg, TN, in a cabin. Without email, but with internet (thank GOD!) When I get home, I'll email you ASAP!
Great, you're doing the challenge? Cool! Can't wait to see the button, Sasha's making one too :)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Elsewhere is really good. Happy reading!

Meggin said...

SMBSLT: Thanks, you too :) Elswhere is really good :) I love the idea of it all!

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