Saturday, June 27, 2009

My ABC Authors Challenge List!

I've been trying to get ideas for authors, and I finally have a partial list. *YAY!* There's some blank spots I'll need to look in to, later, but for now my official-for-now list! BTW, you can make your own list, or use mine. It's just more fun to make your own personalized one, I think :) You can find the official ABCAC post here.

A- Laurie Halse Anderson- Wintergirls
B- Robin Benway- Audrey, Wait!
C- Kristin Cashore- Graceling
D- Sarah Dessen- Along For the Ride
E- Elizabeth Scott- Something, Maybe
F- Jordanna Fraiberg- In Your Room
G- Linda Gerber- Death by Latte
H- Mary Hogan- Pretty Face
I- Eva Ibbotson- The Reluctant Heiress
J- Jannette Rallison- Just One Wish
K-Kristina Springer- The Expressologist
L- Susanne LaFluer- Love, Aubrey
M- Susan McBride- The Debs
N- Alyson Noel- Faking 19
O- Sarah Ockler- Twenty Boy Summer
P- Marlene Perez- The Comeback
Q- Sarah Quigley- TMI
R- Rosie Rushton- Love, Lies and Lizzie
S- Susanne Selfors- Coffeehouse Angel
T- Tucker Shaw- The Girls
U- /
V- Siobhan Vivian- Same Difference
W- Laura Weiss- Such A Pretty Girl
X- /
Y- J.A. Yang- Exclusively Chloe
Z-Markus Zusak- I Am the Messenger

Okay... Every single letter's filled but U, and X. Um, any authors for that, anyone?
Can't wait to see what everyone else is doing :)

UPDATE: X and U are being cut out of the alphabet for this challenge.
Peace out, Meggin =D


katie said...

Micol Ostow could be your O. I don't know about U or X. =]

Meggin said...

Thanks- I can't find anything out about Michael Ostow's books though! I saw how you recommended him. Hmm... maybe U and X should be booted out of the alpaphabet. Who needs X anyways, the traitor. :P Just kidding :)
X won't be used, I'll find something for U at the library. Thanks :)

Jessica Secret said...

I REALLY want to read Graceling!

Meggin said...

I've been seriously DYING to read Graceling, too. I can't wait to read it :)

Dahlia said...

I love Marlene Perez's Dead Is... series! I haven't read anything else by her (I just discovered the Dead Is... series a few weeks ago).

Anonymous said...

Cool list!

Meggin said...

Thanks :) It took FOREVER to make and I cheated *GASP* I cut out the o, u, and x. Ah well.

Allison said...

My O is Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, if that helps! Or you could do something by Joyce Carol Oates.
My U is The Other Sister by S. T. Underdahl.

Hope that helps! :)
I'm still looking out for an X.

Meggin said...

Thanks, Allison :) I think I'm expelling x temporarily from the alphabet for this... I can;t find ANYTHING. :( I didn' think about TWenty Boy Summer, I wanted to read that anyways, DUH Meggin! :P

Allison said...

I googled and found:

Lu Xun
Cao Xueqin

but I'm thinking of just going to the bookstore or library and seeing what they've got... if they've got anything.

Meggin said...

Thanks :) They don;t sound like they'd have anything American, though... I'll check my library too. I go to 2 different ones a LOT so I'll check both.

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