Friday, June 12, 2009

What I Saw And How I Lied, by Judy Blundell Review

Title: What I Saw and How I Lied
Author: Judy Blundell
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pages: 281
Rating:* * * */5

When Evie Spooner's stepfather returns home from WW II, Evie was just an innocent 15-year-old girl, buying chocolate cigarettes with her best friend Margie. That innocence is lost when her family takes a trip to Palm Beach, and stay at a hotel called Le Mirage. They meet the Graysons there, and Joe and Mr.Grayson make a shady business deal. Also at the hotel, Evie meets and falls for the movie-star handsome Peter Coleridge, an ex-GI who Joe would rather forget about. Then, Evie's mother Bev, Joe, and Peter go sailing- and only two of them return.

Evie realizes that she's been caught in a huge plot of lies, secrets, blackmail, and possible murder. Now someone has to be betrayed- but who?

I loved this book- there was something about it that made you not want to put it down, and the writing was so glamorous and noir-ish. Evie was a likable heroine, and most of the characters I liked. I liked Peter, too- like, a little reader's crush. That's how you know a book's good- you have to fall in love with characters and feel like everything happened to you.

I really didn't like Joe, though, or the Graysons- they said random things and were... kind of annoying, I guess.

But overall, this was a really great book, and I love antebellum (I know this usually means after the Civil War, but it also means after any war) books, and if you do too you'll love this book! It has everything: Mystery, possible murder, secrets, lies, blackmail, romance- I should probably stop ranting about it!

Peace out, Meggin


Anonymous said...

Hi Meggin!

Here is the Piccadilly Press website:

Also, I looked on and they do have some used and new copies of Piccadilly books, but I'm not sure if Piccadilly themselves publish in America.

In reply to P.P.S. - I only had a couple of followers and not too many visitors, but I e-mailed some publishers and they replied. It helped that Luisa [Plaja] e-mailed me and helped me with publishers, which I'm eternally grateful for.

Good luck with everything!

Sasha said...

Hiya Meggin!!
Thanks a bunch, your blog is super cute too! I got my layout from I can't wait to read your blog!!

Meggin said...

Thanks so much, both of you! I think I'll try emailing the publisher of Coffeehouse Angel... if I could get that to review I'd be a happy girl :)

You helped a ton, Sarah, thanks :)

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