Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arrrr... Erm Yeah That's My Piraty Talk :) I Won An Award, Basically :D

Yes yes, I know, Margo does it better :) But I DO win for longest blog post title! *WOOT!* :)

SO basically, Sara gave me this absolutely adorable button for participating in her e-treasure hunt:
Don'tcha just LOVE the little guy on the upper left?! :D
Yeah, I didn't win, but still :) Oh, by the way, congrats to Sasha and Jean (aka Beanie) for completing it first!


Anonymous said...

Heehee, I love him too!

margo said...

I like the wee lil' one on the bottom :) and don't worry your pirate talk is just fine. And thanks - I felt like the Pirate police were about to come and knock down my door and tell me never to speak pirate again! ARR Mayte!! Land Ho'!! lol

Meggin said...

Awww, it's cute too... I feel like I should name one xD LOL sorry I'm weird :P LOL :) I personally thought it was hilarious, so no one called the pirate police :)

margo said...

Well some one did because I just had to watch a 78 hr marathon on the proper pirate edicate as well as "Pirates. We are people too". *sigh* but I agree with the naming. So I am naming the one on the lower right corner Zar. AND I should be getting off your blog now so I can go to bed but I can't!! Your review about the sad book makes me want to read it!! (AND CRY TOO!!!:( )

Meggin said...

LOL :) My experience in the pirate lingo is mainly from a single viewing of Pirates of the Carribean :) But YOU had to go to pirate school- like traffic school but in language :) OOps, I'm hyped up on coffee now, sorry :P

Zar suits him :) Mine is... Mo :D It was a great book but it took me an hour to get my mascara off my cheeks lol :)

margo said...

MO! I love that name!! I don't often wear make up - too lazy! - but when I do I forget to take it off so when I go to bed it's still on - and then when I wake up it looks like I have a raccoon for a parent! :P If it's like the notebook I might want to read it in my room. I already get weird looks when I LOL in a public place. Crying might be too awkward to explain.

Meggin said...

LOL, it looks like such a Mo doesn't it ;) I don't most of the time either, but I had just gotten a really fancy new thingy of it :) LOL that happens to me too! :P

Not like the notebook (which I'm watching now AGAIN :P) just sad at the end, and there's this really horrifying moment in it besides that. LOL yes that might be a bit awkward :)

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