Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bookshelf Blues and A Teaser Too(sday)

Heylo everybody! I almost forgot it was Tuesday. Summer is totally messing with my brain :P

So today's episode of Teaser Tuesday is brought to you by Jaqueline Woodson (said in a cookie monster voice. Erm, veggie monster, w/e ;D) and her 10-year-old book If You Come Softly, page 2:

"Remember what you can, Elisha," Marion whispers, kissing me on the forehead. "Remember what you can."

I close my eyes again.

And I remember what I can.

So far, I'm not sure what to think of this book. It's just weird at the beginning, when the chapter is about Jeremiah? It makes me cringe a bit at times. Like, all of a sudden there'll be this interjection of, "Aw yeah!" or "shoot!" or something. Not like someone's saying it, it's just randomly there. Awkward :(

And now for Bookshelf Blues.


So, this cool blog I follow, called Katie's Book Blog, and Katie, the girl running it, moved recently. Her bookshelf didn't make the move, it broke :( SO she posted about that, and guess what happened? A store offered her a FREE huge bookshelf!!!!!!!!!!! I think that's just amazing. So yeah, congrats to her, she's been a great friend in the blogoverse :) A whole bookshelf, like up to the ceiling *dreamy eyes*

Have I every told you about my bookshelf? It's collapsed on one side. It holds about 20 books. It's all scratched and beaten. Most of the books are lame-o kids books. I think it's about to go :(

Then where'll I put my books? They're all over the floor as it is, books of all colors, from everywhere: Australia, the States, one from Ireland, several from the UK... They'll have no where to sit in their pristineness :(


So bye for now! Sorry not to leave you on a happy not :P


jennilovevirgo said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear about your bookshelf :( I have 2 bookshelves, one in my room and one in our family computer room. They are both about 8 ft high and have 5 shelves. They are also brimming over the I also have books in rubbermaid totes, and on random spots in the mom wants to start a campfire with them and roast marshmallows :(

Meggin said...

Well, at least it's REALLY old and had a good long life :)

Wow I wish I had ones that big :) I wish I had that many books!

Lol- hide the books from Jenni's mom everyone! :)

Sasha said...

I can't really explain my fear of buttons. just really don't like them :S

I'm a bit of a weirdo! :)

Meggin said...

:) You aren't weird, just extremely cool in a way other people may concieve as weird ;)

Anonymous said...

I want a free bookcase! LOL :)

Meggin said...

LOL seriously :) And it's huge too *jealous pouting* :)

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