Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Confessions of A Triple Shot Betty Review

Title: Confessions of A Triple Shot Betty
Author: Jody Gehrman
Edition: Paperback Reprint
Publisher: Puffin (reprint)
MSRP: $7.99
Pages: 272
Rating: * * */ 5

SYNOPSIS: Geena, 16, plans to spend her summer working at the local coffee shop in her Sonoma Valley town with her cousin Hero and her friend Amber. She envisions grinding out espressos and supersize iced mochas during the day and spending sleepover nights painting toenails and confessing secrets. Within the first few hours of her arrival home from a Connecticut boarding school, Hero falls in love with an Italian boy working at her father's vineyard and it's clear that she and Amber are not going to be friends. As the story unfolds through Geena's diary entries, readers discover each girl's strengths, flaws, and personality.

PLOT: The plot was a little repetitive- I kept getting this feeling of deja vu when I was reading it- I was like, "Didn't this happen already?" It did, but in slightly different circumstances. I really would have like a fresher deal.

CHARACTERS: I didn't feel a connection to the characters at all, and that's really important to me! If anything, I was annoyed by them a bit. Geena was so crabby and whiny, I could barely take it. It gave me a headache.

SETTING: Even for it being a diary entry, it lacked details about the setting. So, not much to report besides that.

START/ENDING: Pretty slow beginning, but once you got into it and got the characters down, their personalities and whatnot, things picked up and got better. Great ending, though- by the end, I DID start to like Amber a little- well, I could tolerate her more than the others, anyways :)

OVERALL: We had some good times, and I might recommend it, but it's DEFINITELY not on the top of my list at all.

OTHER THOUGHTS: Anyone else think the cover is appallingly pink!? I'm not a big fan of pink. That probably should have been a warning sign that I wouldn't like the book much :(
Also, for some reason I KNEW Amber was a ****** (Spoiler, I'm protecting you)! I don't know how, maybe because that's how I would have done it if I wrote this, but it's supposed to be a shock, so that wasn't good. If you read it and knew tell me!


Cherry Diva said...

So it doesn't sound very good. Hmmm.

Kelsey said...

I just reviewed this on my blog, too. I really liked it and can't wait to read the sequel. Sorry you didn't really enjoy it...

Meggin said...

I'm glad you liked it! It was an OK book, but something about it just didn't do it for me :(

Juju said...

I love the cover.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like The Last Act, but more pink and involving coffee. I'm desperate to know what Amber was now!! Since this isn't even availiable in Scotland, could you whisper it to me? You just have to give a one-word comment on any post. Haha.

**NeonGlitter** said...

For a minute there I thought this post was all about ME! lol

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