Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Cool Meme I Found

Hi! I was browsing the internet, my favorite hobby on weekends (I know I should go do my chores and read, but oh well :P), and I found this cool little summer reading questionairre! It was on The N, one of the articles... I thought the article was pretty funny too, so I'm copying and pasting (thank God for that little piece o' technology!). So please disreguard all "I"s and "me"s in it. The only thing mine is the answers to the questions, coz I'm lazy like that!

"Holy vampire-loving mobs! So, as I write this, there are approximately 3 twazillion crazed Twilighters camping outside our offices -- sitting on the filthy, pee-stained sidewalks of Times Square -- waiting to get into tonight's sold-out Breaking Dawn Concert Series (which, fear not, we will all be able to watch live and streaming on the Internets right here. In fact, I actually tripped over some such fangirl on my walk back from lunch, and (SMACK! Whoahohoa.) almost spilled burrito all over her DIY "Mrs. Edward Cullen" t-shirt. Not cool! But it's cool. My burrito and I and the young "Mrs. Cullen" survived the incident unscathed. And in the end I was just really really psyched to see so many people so passionate about... books.
So here. A questionnaire about 'em. Post your answers in the comments and compare, for the sake of fun." [End of article, now for the Q and A!]

My answers in bold:

1) Name a book you recently read, or are in the middle of reading. Breathless, by Jessica Warman
2) Who wrote it? Jessica Warman. Remember?
3) Explain the story in 15 words or less. Katie Kitrell's schizophrenic brother threatens to wipe away her new life at boarding school, with a boyfriend and as a member of the elite popular croud.
4) How many pages long? 311
5) Hardcover or paperback? Hardcover.
7) When was it written? August 2009, released the 25.
8) Describe the book's cover in 10 words or less. A gorgeous aquamarine with a girl swimming, showing just her face, hidden behind her hair. (oops, that was more wasn't it?!)
9) Rate the book on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = snoresville, 10 = geniustown) 6.5 or 7. Still deciding.
10) For fun or because you have to? For fun!
11) Bookmark, folded corners, or what? I grabbed the form letter the book came with from the publisher as a bookmark. Dogearing is a federal offense in my book!
12) Do you underline/highlight? Nooo...?
13) Name one word in the book that you don't understand. Look it up. And define it here. I'm pretty well versed in my vocab, thank you very much!
14) Stick your nose in the book and flip through it. Describe what you smell. Paper? ANd cinammon. Some cinammon fell in it... long story :P
15) Take the DAY of your birthday and flip to that page number. Take the MONTH of your birthday and go to that sentence number on the page. Copy down that sentence. Will doesn't say anything. (That's the sentence, not me telling you!)

K, bye all! Hope you like meh meme.


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