Monday, September 7, 2009

Movies, Music and Mondays: The PHAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HEEeeeEeRE...

Heylo people! I am SO totally excited right now, wanna guess why? *sigh* so many reasons...

I just found this really awesome photography technique called "bokeh" (Japanese for fuzzy) and I went on Flickr and found awesome pics using it, look for the collage soon

I just watched Degrassi Goes Hollywood (erm, plz to be not mocking mmkay? My guilty pleasure, like CocoPerez is too! Oh NO, I'm such a typical teenager, what hope is there for me?! ;) Just kidding, all) and was vaguely dissapointed in Ellie but not enough to keep me from watching more Degrassi

AND... most importantly,


*ahem* Oops, sorry, caps got stuck there. *pats down hair*

But anyways, have you SEEN/READ this fantabulous thing? Readthebookwatchthemovie(s)seetheplayNOW! Drama, romance, mystery, an extremely brooding and therefore hot
"phantom"... and, y'know, some extremely campy singing in between.

AND I'm going to a town in St. L, whose name I forget, where I shall...

Go to bookstores
Go on a hunt for the perfect cupcake/coffee combo
And, most importantly...
go to a vinyl record store and buy the place out!!!! Thank you to Googel for all the wonderful maps.
(Note that all of these will involve obscene amounts of allowance spending!)
As seen in my Paper Towns review, I have recently acquired a penchant for the 80's (well, I always had it, but now it's more than just the movies, but also the music! Esp. the vinyls), sans the fashion choices *insert shudder here*, and I can't wait to start a record collection. Ooh, and they have CD's too. AND, I just discovered, movies. Note that this little extra tidbit just doubled the obscene allowance spending.

Ok, happy Monday (my history teacher always says that... and I always want to yell at her "WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT IT?" or some other, er, "WITTY" comeback of mine (:P)... but that would break the perfect and utter silence I have during the school day. Also, I get funny stares if I yell ;D), and may your movies, music, and all other Monday-related things be great.


margo said...

TOTAL EVNY OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *eyes get green*

I hope you have a wonderful time Meggin!!!!!

When Degrassi first came out - my dad wouldn't let me watch it - and I'm sorry to say I never disobeyed him and got into it. I've seen coco perez but i"m not a fan. I used to LOVE Perezhilton but I'm getting tired of his constant bitching/ fakeness so I go to Ohnotheydidn' I think you'll like that.


Meggin said...

Thanks Margo! And sorry if I was a little too hyper in this post... my mom got those candy cream pumpkins and I ate a whole bag!

I would like to watch Degrassi, but there's so many, and The N only shows newer ones! But what I've seen is good- I'd recommend it :)

Yeah, good point about Perez- love it anyways :) But WHY did we have to wait until this year for him to get slapped!? I just tried to find that site you talked about- I can't find it! I'll look more.

margo said...

If you go to Google and type in "OH NO THEY DIDN"T" It should pop up :)

ANd no worries- you weren't hyper!! I hope you had a wonderful time!! :)

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