Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hunger Games Paraphenalia For the Masses!

I lovelovelove the Hunger Games, and I was surfing around the internet looking at blog when I found one called Galleysmith. And on it, Hunger Games buttons! She even made a Team Gale button, just out of kindness to that minority :) I'm Team Peeta myself. But if you want Katniss to just be friends with both of them there's a button for that!

Here they are, for you to proudly display on your sidebars/ print and cut out and glue to your forehead!


Sara said...

I totally have a TEAM PEETA button on my sidebar! :)

Eric said...


Everyone seems to be team Peeta but I think I am more team Gale. I don't really know why:D

Meggin said...

I'm honestly undecided! I'm just starting Catching Fire- it kept me company while I was home sick yesterday- so I guess I'll know when I'm done. For now I'll just stick the Team Katniss button on the sidebar :)

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