Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bad Blogger.

Hey all! Sorry I've been neglectful and a bad blogger *turns hand at extremely painful and awkward angle to tsk at myself*! Also, sorry if you're comments have been rejected- I don't mean to, I've been getting a LOT of spam *COUGH COUGH COUGH*.

BUT. I'm back for good, and can't wait to start book blogging again! I hate to admit it, but lately I've had zero interest in reading- it's all music and vinyl (I think I might start a music blog or w/e. Like I know anything about it :P) up there :P

I've finished a lot of my ARC's, so expect reviews tomorrow :) I'm also bringing back all the bookish meme- WoW, IMM, TT... yeppers.

Off to do stuff!


Sara Leslie said...

Heya Meggin!! Long time no speak :-) I was the same as you; just got back into reading. I have a new blog now; It's the same as before but a) hopefully better, and b) not just about books because like you I like other things now too ^D^ Have a nice day!

Sara Leslie (Dragonfly Reviews) said...

Hi Meggin!

I know you've already got this but, hey, here it is again :)

You won an award:

Sara xoxo

Meggin said...

Aww, thanks Sara! I'm on my way back to the award, so sweet :) I just visited the new and improved- which it is!- DBR- love it! Tres cool layout. Can't wait to ee what you do with it :)

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