Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anyone Else Upset About This???

I know this is kind of odl news to some of you- I heard it months ago- but I just saw that HarperTeen confirmed that: a) Disney is directing it, and b) MILEY CIRUS is going to be the star.

Is there a person in the world approving of this? I love Wings, what I've read of it (the librarian saw it in my bag when it was way overdue and got all furious on me and said i had to give it back... eep!)- and as of late, I don't think Disney has been doing such a good job of their movies like this. And Miley Cirus? She can't act!
I'm sorry, but... NO.

What do you guys think? Pro, con, neutral? I jsut don't want to see this really excellent book not done justice to.


Donna said...

Yeah, I caught this on PW a while ago. I haven't read wings but the reactions I got when I posted the news weren't good. I'm not a Miley fan, really. I take issue with a father allowing his 15 year old daughter to gyrate in hot pants on a pole on stage. I can't stand the way she dresses or acts or holds herself. All those Disney shows are obnoxious and filled with overactors anyway. Even without reading the book I think they could have chosen someone better.

~The Book Pixie said...

*chant begins*
Heck no,
this just won't flow
Miley Cyrus has got to GO!
*chant ends*

Um yea I think that pretty much sums up my opinion of her. :P

I own Wings and though I haven't read it yet, I still don't want that little hoochy in the movie.


Sara Leslie (Dragonfly Reviews) said...

'Wings'... sounds familiar somehow.

I like Miley and her music, but I don't think she is right for the part even without reading the book because her CV includes 'Hannah Montana' :L

But I guess Disney know what they're doing :S I (L) Disney (especially Disney Channel, like the girlie teenage girl I am xD) and I hope they're not gonna mess this up :(


CherryDiva said...


Just saying.

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