Monday, June 29, 2009

Private by Kate Brian

ZOMG... I am so tired. :( gbaoa'kng <<< That's where my head fell when I fell asleep. Sitting up. Apparently the dog I'm puppysitting didn't get the memo that wakeup time is 9:30, not 5:40. We'll just have to fix that, won't we? Otherwise, the world shall prepare to face the world shall face the wrath of a sleepy Meggin. Not pretty, folks. NOT. Pretty. ANYways, I just finished the first book in the Private series. Private, obvs.

Title: Private
Author: Kate Brian
Publisher: Simon Pulse, 2006
MSRP: Paperback US $8.99
Pages: 236 pp
Rating: * * */5

Private is basically a series about a sophmore new to a private school who is desperate to associate with some spoiled, rich party kids whose main hobbies include messing with her, and screwing up other peoples' lives. The book is all about how hard she tries to get in with them. Which should have been a warning sign right there...?

Something that ruined it for me was that Reed Brennan, said desperate girl, is just not likeable. She's a little whiny, a lot ruthless, and just completely self centered... It's just not enjoyable to read. Makes you cringe a little. The only character I did like was Taylor, because you could tell she had a little reality in her.

And the plot? So incredibly repetitive! I find where I left off based on what's happening by skimming the book, and I couldn't find it. The same things kept happening, and it wasn't even that interesting to start with.

BUT, I did like that it dealt with a lot of important issues- basically everything the average angsty teen would deal with, like popularity, relationships, family, alcohol... and even though they didn't always make the best decisions with it all, it was really realistic, and that's always something I look for in a book. I also liked the atmosphere of the book- gloomy, low key, enigmatic.

So, if you're at the library and it's a slow time in books, I would suggest picking up the series. It's got a ton of books in it, and more keep coming out, so it's something to get addicted to :)


katie said...

The whole series is a bit repetitive but they are addicting. I have read all of the ones that are released and I can't wait for the next one. =]

Jessica said...

I've never heard of it either :)

Meggin said...

Oh, no there's MORE for me to read, Katie? ;) I'm debating when I should read the prequel. You're right, they ARE incredibly addictive!

Thanks, Jessica, that makes me feel better :) Like everywhere I went people were reading it or talking about how much they want to read the next one. Trust me when I say you don't want to get involved with.

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