Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anna Banana's Pledge!

Oops... I did this 2 days too late *sorry Anna!*...

Anyways, Anna from Anna Banana and Cherry Banana Split

To see the pledge, go see Anna's post.

To see the official site, click here.

Also, for effect and also coz I'm copying Sarah from Dragonfly Book Reviews, I might write it on my hand,,, but you can't tell because a) I don't have a *functioning* digital camera and b) my netbook laptop doesn't have the linky-thingamajig to upload said pic... sorry :(

Here's the official pledge:

"I will not use my hands or words to hurt myself or others"

Anna and everyone else would love you to take the pledge too :)

Bye everyone- make sure you take the pledge!


Cherry Diva said...

Yes, it actually does make me feel better that you haven't read Twilight either. At least I'm not alone anymore....;)

Meggin said...

Glad I could help sheerly by being different ;)

Lolita said...

I would LOVE to take the pledge, but I have this thing called manic aggression where any little thing ticks me off, like a pat on the head, and I lose control of myself and go off into blind rages. Yeah, not pretty.

But good luck!

Meggin said...

That's ok... my little cousin has that same problem so I understand :) But if someone patted me on the head I'd get pretty mad too ;)

Thanks :) I'm going to *try*, but sometimes I can't help but fight with my friends :( Well it's just about trying so yup :)

Anonymous said...

Yay - I felt really stupid after writing it on my hand, but I'm glad to see someone else joined me :)

Thanks Meggin. :)

Meggin said...

LOL glad I could help just by being weird :) I personally didn't think it was stupid, me and my friends thought it was a funny, good idea :)

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