Saturday, July 18, 2009

In My Mailbox July 18

First, thanks to The Story Siren for this awesome meme!

I'm so excited over the books I got this week, things I've been wanting for a while... but next week will be even better since I'm getting Graceling and Pretty Face *cheers!*!

Anyways, so this week I got:

The revieved for review: None

From the library: None. First time all summer I haven't been to the library... weird!

The Bought: This week, I went to my monthly/bimonthly (depending on whenever I go to the other library, about an hour away) visit to Books-A-Million, where I get really uber-irked over the organization- actually, lack there of. I find copies of the same book sprinkled throughout the shelves... authors aren't even alphabetized, and their books aren't to geth in one shelve or place... haha, see? Even when I'm not there, I'm bugged!- but forgive them immediately, since they always have copies of books I want but can't find anywhere else. Anyways:

Beige: Yay! I've been wanting this for a while, but since it isn't brand new, and I mainly hit the new shelves for books, it's always been pushed back to the corners of my mind, forgotten, lonely :c Summary: Kate goes to live with her father for two weeks- but her dad is a famous rock star. I love the focus on music and general... ARTINESS!

Lucky: For a while I ignored this when it was on the shelves... just seemed too, like, perfect. But then I looked at it, and so far, I'm loving it :) I really hope there isn't this easy solution thing to the money problems, with them being rich again... I HATE book like that :(

...Fabulous: I just call it Fabulous because of the exceedingly long title. I'm really picky about books about body issues/image. Sometimes, they're terribly wrong- anyone read Big Fat Manifesto? Notice that the author was STICK SKINNY? That made me pretty mad... how does she know? She doesn't. But this one seems true, and so far really great :) I love the attitude Riley has! I wish I was like that, outgoing and all... but I'm definitely not :(

LLL: Yay! I ordered this from Piccadilly Press a month ago, and it crossed the world, over land and sea and air and all that good stuff, just specifically for my enjoyment :) I read a lot of UK blogs, and people from the UK read a lot of books from Piccadilly... they always look so good- now I have one! :) I'm also getting iPods in Accra soon... I may be hooked on Brit Lit :) This is like a modern updating of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, a book I LOVE.

I know, a lot of books bought... but don't they look so WORTH IT?

So now you know what I got... what about you?

Bye for now,



Imogen said...

great books you got their and...

Congratulations you won an award on my blog!!


Angie said...

Thanks for sharing - I hope your books turn out to be great.

Meggin said...

Thanks, Imogen and Angie :) Yours too! Happy reading and all that :)

Thanks Imogen! I think that's te award I gave you though? :)

Anonymous said...

iPods in Accra is great -

Meggin said...

Thanks Sarah :) I read the review... you're right, seems a little odd. But oh well- really want to read it anyways! I think there's one before it, right?

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