Saturday, July 4, 2009

In My Mailbox July 4th

Hello, my peeps! I got some great books this week... 5 to be exact, all from the library. And I'm super excited because Kristina Springer emailed me, and her publisher is getting her ARC's of The Espressologist... and I'M ON THE RECIEVING LIST! *SQUEALS IN EXCITEMENT* Ahem. :)

Anyways, here's my haul for July 4:

All American Girl is hilarious (what else to expect from Meg Cabot?), Wherever Nina lies looks cute and funny, haven't started If You Come Softly, but I absolute looooove how their love is described in the blurb... It's so romantic (ew, Meggin's being too sentimental ;D). Sweethearts I love (what else has Sarah Zarr written? I want to get Once Was Lost by her sooo bad when it comes out. Does anyone know the publisher's name?) Bloom? I love Elizabeth Scott's writing, but this looks a bit too chick-litty for me. I need a spin, something else besides which guy she chooses. Nothing, as far as I know, happens beyond that. Which is why I don't favor Susane Colasanti's work so much... it's all so predictable, not that they aren't aMAZING authors besides that...
Now you know what I got... everyone else?
P.S. I'm having a giveaway on here soon :) My first... look forward to it :)


Allison said...

Besides Sweethearts and Once Was Lost, Sara Zarr wrote Story of a Girl. I think that was the first book where I sat at B&N and read the whole thing all the way through.


Meggin said...

I was thinking Sonya Sones wrote that for some reason :P You read it all the way through?! It must have been good...?

katie said...

I actually got Once Was Lost this week and I really want to read Story of A Girl. I also got Bloom and Wherever Nina Lies a couple weeks ago but I haven't read them yet. I can't wait for your reviews. =] You can check out what else was in my mailbox on my blog!

Meggin said...

Ooh, cool :) I saw what you got... I really want Bad Apple, and As You Wish :) OMG no way, you got Geektastic? I keep meaing to get an ARC of that :( You get the best books, I'm jealous! ;)

Imogen said...

Hi i've just come across your blog via DBR (Sara's blog) and love it! I'm following now and I love readers rights - i read in the car (unlike most NORMAL people I don't get carsick ;)) Would you please check out my two blogs (kinda on hold - I'm taking part in the young fiction writer of the year so have barely any time to compose stories :() and (more developed:)) I know this is long but HEY WHO CARES! I'm gonna do the ABC authors challenge. what book would you recommened the MOST?


Imogen (aka immii)
Budding writer and reader

Meggin said...

Hi Imogen- Thanks for your comment- it's okay, I write long ones too :) I'm glad you like my blog :) I saw Novel Idea's on Sarah's blog too, and you're writing is amazing, I wish I could write like you :) Congrats on the young fic writer of the year! I'll check out your other one. As for the ABCAC, I think I'd recommend most Coffeehouse Angel, if you can get it when it comes out. I LOVED it!


Imogen said...

Okay ily (in a friendly way)

I'll keep my eyes peeled for coffeehouse angel


Meggin said...

Okay, hope you like it :)

Ily? Is that Scottish slang?

xoxo Megs

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