Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teaser Tuesday & A Quick Note to Sara L :)

Hey everyone! First of all, before the Teaser, I want to thank Sara L from Dragonfly Book Reviews for this lovely new award, which I got as a thanks for posting about her challenge( if you want to check it out- which you definitely shoud :)- it's thepost below this one)...

Ooooooh.... shiny :)

So, thanks Sara! :)

Anyways, this weeks Teaser is..... *drumroll, please!*

...from Ipods in Accra! YAY! Excuse me while I rant... I was going to dpo The Debs which I got today, but my dad just walked in the door with a package from Piccadilly Press... I've been waiting for this for weeks to come, yay! *happy dance* *is embarrassed as I usually don't do happy dances* Awesome shopping day in general, not just books. I got awesome shirts from Aeropostale! And I WENT TO SEPHORA for the first time! OMG my mouth fell open. Givenchy... Prada... Chanel.... Marc Jacobs... they were all there waiting for ME... can't wait til I'm 14 and can wear makeup for REAL. And got crazy zeon nail polish. *ahem* My ranting is done. Sorry :)

So here's the Teaser for today, from page 67:

"Woah, dramarama," I said, surprised.

"Seriously, Makeeda, I was furious! Um... but I wanted to kiss him too." Bharti whispered.

And with that I leave you :)


Anonymous said...

That's a great book - I hope you enjoy it :)

We don't have Sephora where I am, but when I was in Portugal they had a big one. Sadly, I didn't have enough money to buy the shop *cry*

It's awesome :)

p.s. Your welcome!! xD

Meggin said...

Thanks :) It looks great, if a little weird :P

LOL- I wish I could have bought the shop... so... SHINY :)

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