Thursday, July 30, 2009

Theme Thursday #1: Adorkable

Haha, I know it's a lamo name, I'll change it when I get a better one, with an ounce of creativity :) So Theme Thursday is something I came up with last week, I read a post by Alice from Read Into This! called Geek Display, and it gave me an idea: every Thursday I'll get a bunch of books with the same theme, per my readers request ( email me at is you have any themes you want for next week, I'm totally blanking!), and then you'll have new books you know about in a category you love reading about! *Wooo!!*
So for this first Theme Thursday I'm doing geek books. Yes, I totally stole this theme from Allison- Sorry, Allison! You get a virtual cookie for putting up with the theme, ok? ;)

Enjoy :) All of these are/look fantastic, right? Now go forth and embrace your geekdom with these books :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty covers :)

Meggin said...

They are cool :) My fave is Geek High... I might sound like I have no fashion sense when I say this but I love that sweater xD Like, preppy cute. Not my style but cute in theory :)

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

They all look really good! :)


Meggin said...

I know, I can't wait to read them all :)

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