Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I'm Reading for the DBR Challenge (Mainly for MY Benifit :P)

Hey everyone! So, I decided the books I'll read for Sara's challenge :) Here's just a quick list, mainly for my benifit, as I HAVE to list everything :P,

First of all, thanks to Sara for letting me make some changes in areas. My standards for books are particuarly weird, I know :P

Horror/Mystery/Dark- Silverfin- Charlie Higson

War- The Boy In The Striped Pajamas- John Boyne

Chick-Lit- Finding Cassie Crazy (It's called The Year of Secret Assignments in the US of A- I was planning to reread it anyways!)- Jaclyn Moriarty

Other-worldly (Thanks for letting me replace this with Fantasy, Sara!)-Graceling- Kristin Cashore

Tearjerkers- If I Stay- Gayle Forman

Set in Another Time- Kezzie by Theresa Breslin

Set in Another Country- Ophelia- Lisa Klein

Choose from the 5 of 5 books- Serafina67- Susie Day

SO here's my progress thus far (again, entirely for my own benifit)- In the order of the books and where they are to me:

Library (TBCO)

Library (TBCO)

Library (TBCO)

Library (1st Hold)

Almost finished reading (finished by today!)

In my cart. This one'll be a serious problem :( Since it's shipped from the UK and my dad won't order it yet, it'll be a while.

I'm buying this in my next trip to B and N, in a few days.

I own this, and I already reviewed it... if I reread it and erase my other review for a new one, does it count? That's the only one that won't take about 2 months to get, since I already have it

Thanks again for the challenge and all that, Sara!


Anonymous said...

Heya Meggin - amazing review! I love the US cover :) Also - you don't have to erase your previous review, you can just quickly summarise the book and say if you felt the same? That way your hard work won't have been wasted!

Also, you don't have to re-give the award - I just wanted to give it back to you because I was so happy you picked me xD

Happy reading,

Sara x

Meggin said...

Thanks :) I haven't seen the UK version, is it anything like this one? Okay, thanks:) My other review wasn't that good- it was one of my awful earlier ones :P.
Awww, thanks :D Just checking to make sure I didn't have to get in a vicious cycle ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL :)

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