Monday, July 27, 2009

Yayness, I've Been Tagged!

Thanks to Imogen- a.k.a. Immi :)- for tagging me! So here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you

*post these rules on your blog*

Share your ABCs

Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs

Let the three tagged people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website

Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag.

The ABC of me...

Available/Single? Single? Unfortunately so. Available? Not really, who needs the drama?

Best Friend? Don't really have one- I'm really shy, but I just have a circle of friends, no certain one :)

Cake or Pie? You really have to ask? Just give me SOMETHING sweet and I'll love it and you forever :) Though I do more favor pie ever since I watched Waitress :)

Drink of choice? Spiced chai latte freeze, from Bridgeview, but only when the boys make it, since they use more whipped cream :)

Essential item for every day use? My netbook laptop. Ways one and a half pounds, and it's PRETTY. Or my iPod.

Favorite color? Tiffany box blue.

Google? Um, do you mean do I like it, or prefer other search engines? I have 6 engines on here, obvs I'm not that picky. I do Google my name sometimes though, if I'm bored :)

Hometown? Henderson, Kentucky.

Indulgences? Coffee, chocolate, and books. All of which I have a strict regimen of attaining for :)

January or February? January. Everything's all new, it's when it snows here, and I don't celebrate Christmas so I'm not depressed in it :)

Kids and their names? Maybe, if I'm not too busy with my bookstore and all that in Portland :) I love the name Cassandra, but maybe Alice, Bella (no Twilight reference intended!), Lorelai. Obvs I'm watching too much Gilmore Girls.

Life is incomplete without...? Books, my computer and friends :)

Marriage date? A tiny ceremony in Ireland, where it's green, wet and lovely :)

Number of siblings? A very lonely only :(

Oranges or apples? Um, neither. Any other fruit but those :P

Phobias and fears? Spiders, and for some reason I HATE windows being open when it's dark, or when I'm home alone. *shiver* (Sorry Sara, I know this was yours too, but I haven't even seen The Grudge and I've still been scared since I was little :P)

Quote for the day? "Let me be vice president in charge of cheering you up." Say this is early Witherspoon like a surprising amount of people have said it was to me, and I will HURT you- just kidding :) It's a really underrated Thriller of AUdrey Hepburn's, I'm watchign it AGAIN on AMC.

Reason to smile? I was hoping a question like this would come up! I just got my schedule, and I'm finally on the same team as my friend Lacey (well, maybe I do have a BF, butr several :D)
Also, I don't have Ms. Carroll for any classes again. She has somethign against me, I know it :(

Season? Autumn- the clothes, the color, and most of all the rain. Plus all the best books seem to be released around this time!

Tag 3 people? Seeing as Sara, Imogen and Sasha have been tagged already, I'm tagging newer blogging buddies of mine: Jessica, Collegiate Bookworm, and Lolli.

Unknown fact about me? I tend to spill all my secrets on here too, so not much. Erm, my favorite thing to read is People mag!

Vegatable you hate? Tomatoes. The bane of my existence. AND my salad.

Worst habit? I bite my fingernails a lot, and I stutter. My main language is also idiotese when i talk to people I haven't known forever :P

Xrays you've had? None. I wanted to break my arm when I was littler so I could get an x ray, actually :( I thought being injured seemed to have very romantic prospects (not like love, but in the other sense of the word :P I was a very odd child- LOL :)

Your fave food? Stuffed pizza, extra cheese and no sauce :)

Zodiac sign? Um, no clue. I'm a December b-day, though, does anyone know what that is?

And now I shall tag:

Jessica from

Collegiate from

Lolli, aka Lolita Marie from

GO forth and do learn your ABC's, all :)

P.S. Sorry my answers were a bit long at times :P


Sunkissed said...

Hey im new to your blog! Love it-so cute!! Okay you have so many of my same answers! I live off of chai lattes, and of course who doesn't adore Tiffany box blue???


Meggin said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting, glad you like my blog :) Me too- but I'll pretty much take any coffee I can get! Exactly :)


Anonymous said...

Haha, loved your answers! And I suddenly feel like Google-ing my name :)

Meggin said...

Thanks :D Haha, do it, it's fun ;) Apparently the other Meggin Jones is a photographer- wow. See how bored I was? ;)

Anonymous said...

Charade I love that movie =)
Watched it last night.

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