Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hey everyone! I am in a good mood because...

a) I just got my review copy of Breathless in the mail.

b) I'm almost done with Wintergirls, which is fantastic!

c) It's gloomy and rainy (weird but I'm only reallly happy when it's dark, grey and wet)

and most of all because I just got 2 awards!

The first is the Kreativ Blogger Award. I just got this from LylaStar10 for the 2nd time of getting the award from anyone (actually, I think 3rd) time of getting it :) Since I posted it for the first time already a few days ago, I'm renominating whoever I already nominated (wow, that was long windy and Outer Limitsy-like [I say that to give Twilight Zone a break]) :)

And then I got this lovely one from Amber!

Isn't it cute?
No limit is specified, so I'll just nominate 11, the number of dots:
1) Sara from Dragonfly Book Reviews
2) Sasha from The Sweet Bonjour
3) Collegiate Bookworm
4) Imogen from Write About What?
5) Allison from Read Into This!
6) Alex and Lauren from A Flight of Minds
7) B. A. and M. from BAM Book Reviews
8) Bookalicious
9) Katie from Katie's Book Blog
10) Jessica from Shut Up I'm Reading
11) Lolli from The Striped Sock Story Society
I'll try to comment on your sites, but some of them I'm having issues commenting on :(
Also, I give the award right back to Amber!


margo said...

Congratulations on the awards :) YEAH!! :)

Sunkissed said...

Congrats!!! So lucky you got a copy of breathless!!!! :)

bookalicious said...

Woo, thanks for the award!!! So glad you're enjoying Wintergirls, it's an incredible book, totally out of this world!

Meggin said...

You're welcome guys! Thanks for deserving it (did that make sense?) :)

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Aw thank ya :)


**NeonGlitter** said...

Aw thank you! :D

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