Saturday, August 8, 2009


HI! Oops, sorry, I'm just so excited because...

a) I am no longer grounded (the reason for my MIA in the blogoverse)
b) I won Six Steps to A Girl from Sara! (I hope it's not too late to claim it though :P)
c) I actually have class with my friends at school for once, and an awesome writing class!

Here's a moment where II would do a happy dance, but I'm cooler now. *Cool dance* ;)

Anyways, I finished so many books while I was gone. So be prepared for a flood of posts today (I accomplish a lot when I'm not loafing around on my computer, huh? Insight)

And now for my first review of the day, Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall, by Wendy Mass:


margo said...

Welcome Back!!!

Meggin said...

haha, thanks :) Glad to BE back, I was about to get withdrawals from my laptop :P

Anonymous said...

Big welcome back from me :) And have fun in your classes :) I go back to school on the 18th. Early mornings... blaaaah.

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