Saturday, August 1, 2009

In My Mailbox August 1

Wow. I just looked at that date, and guess what? I only have 4 DAYS until school! EEEEEEK! At least I have band 2nd period, at least 1 friend on the same team (finally :P) Oh well, at least I'm armed with plenty of books to read. I always have more time to read, too. :)
And now for my haul!

The received: None

From the library:

Girlfriend Material: I can't believe this was at the library! I saw it and I almost did a happy dance. Not something I usually do in public (you can't tell but that sentence was laced with sarcasm. Engorged with it, I would venture to say :P).
The Year of Secret Assignments: I'm rereading this for Sara's DBR B-day challenge. It's absolutely fantastic, by the way! Review should be up soon :)
Carbon Diaries 2015: Also for Sara's challenge. I didn't expect this to be there, either. But my library is fantastic (well, most of the time :P) about keeping up on the latest teen reads, and we also had a lot of UK books there too. So that's good :) The cover made me a bit skeptical but then I read some of it, and it looks great.
The bought:
Other Side of the Island: This looks awesome, but creepy. "Earth Mother is always watching." GAH! How Big Brother (no, not as in the show you UK people are obsessed with ;D What IS that show, anyways?) *shivers* But I'm starting to love dystopic fiction like this, so a good part of my requiem. And I'm lovin' this cover. Something about snow globes on books catch my attention- like Elsewhere. I guess it's just that I'm attracted to shiny objects :P
Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall: For some reason, I LOVE books written in verse like this. They're always so fantastic, and I don't even like poetry much otherwise. This one is also Elsewhere-esque (plot AND the cover, you'll notice!).
So now you know what I got, what about you?
xoxo, Megs (thanks to Margo for the nickyname :D)


Collegiate Bookworm said...

I loved Girlfriend Material! I hope you do too!

Lolita said...

Hey Meggin it's Lolli! Just wanted to say thanks for the layout tip! It looks awesome.

Sara from DBR said...

I LOVE The Other Side of the Island cover! And the Mall one is pretty cool too ;)

And -


Sunkissed said...

LOVED girlfriend Material :)

And the covers of the books you bought are so Cute!!!


Meggin said...

(I'm going in order of the comments :D)

Thanks! It does look fantastic. Great cover, too :)

Cool, glad you liked it! I'll check it out when I'm done commenting :)

I know, doesn't it look fantastic? :) Thanks for that link- a bunch of people on here are all obsessed, I feel clueless :)

Glad you liked it too- obvs it's good, people keep saying the love it :) I love them too- my favorite is the Heaven Mall one at the moment :)

Katie said...

I love snowglobe covers too. It totally catches my eye and now I need to add "The Other Side of the Island" on to my to-be-read pile.

Happy reading!

Meggin said...

You're right, it's jsut something different and, um... PRETTY :) The Other Side of the Island is GREAT so far- it definitely belongs in your TBr pile :)

Rebecca said...

Great books you got, the year of secret assignments is a good book. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

Kelsey said...

Heaven Looks A lot Like A Mall was really good, enjoy(; I want to read The Other Side of the Island, too.

Meggin said...

Thanks, they all look really good :) I'm rereading The year of secret assignments, you're right it is good :)

I haven't heard much about it, so glad you think it's good! The Other Side of the Island is really great so far :)

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