Saturday, August 8, 2009

English Assignment :P

I have NO CLUE what to decorate my comp journal with!!!??? I'm thinking movies on the front cover. I'm covering all the basics- noir, classic Hepburn, '80s brat pack, the best chick lit, old thrillers like Hitchcock ones... Wow. I'm going to run out of space xD The only thing it's proving is how much of a geek I am. BUt awesome, right? (oops. But I'm not old!) ;)

And on the back...

You know how on a lot of book reviewing blogs, they have a button with their name? I'm trying to design one. Piknic should make it easy and fun to do, and I just have to get a background. Do you guys have any suggestions for it? Thx :)

Then, I'll print it out, and glue it in the middle of the back, and paste books around it.

Whaddaya think?


margo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA How hard is it go cut and paste pictures to a comp book? :P

When I had to decorate this paper bag I did pictures of me and my friends/family, words or phrases that described me, and images I thought I either 1) liked or 2) described me. PLEASE post what it looks like!!!

The movie theme sounds cool for the front. I'm jealous your back in school I've always LOVED school (CAN WE GET A NERD AMEN?!) and I wont be back until January *hopefully*

But good luck on your assignment!! :)

Sasha said...

Wow, we don't do anything like that in my school. It's just exercise books. Joy. I'm sure I could try and design one for you or you could try using this awesome (Dw-I'm old enough :)) website called Foto Flexer

Sunkissed said...

Haha im such a nerd i love doing crafts like that!!! ON mine i love to use magazine clipping of stuff that catches my eye! Hmm... for your button i love your little bird on your background... and picnik is so much fun im sure you will come up with something great!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, we just have a boring green jotter that we can't 'vandalise'. No fair. I used to love decorating my homework jotters in primary school. Now I have to be content with covering my school diary in stickers and pretty things :)

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