Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take A Chance Challenge!

Hey everybody! I saw this cool little challenge a while ago, and I've decided to do it. The rules are changed though, most likely, because... well, it's me improving it for myself :P Plus, I made a nifty little button on Picnik so it's ALL MINE! *ahem*\

What do you think of my button? I typed chance into that flickrCC thing, and it gave me dice. I sharpened it, and did the classic tone, then picked a scrawly text, colors, and whatnot. I was going to add those sweet lil' Tombots Margo's always using- but that's her thing (for now. Margo? I'm warning you in advance that I'm tearing those adorable little thingys from your Picnik account just as soon as I make me comment award I have in the works. K?!)

Anyways, here's the rules and stuff:

1) Remember the random word page we used last month for the "If I Were An Author" meme? Bookmark it, it'll be the central part of this challenge. (I have to get off soon so I'll come back tomorrow and superimpose it in again, sorry!)

2) Go to that site, and click refresh 9 times, so you'll have 10 words. Write them down so you don't forget!

3) Go to Amazon and type each word in seperately for searches.

4) Read the first book you see result you see that's appealing- just by the cover ( ooh, idea for another challenge... :D)!

5) Start you time of reading dangerously and pass the challenge on!

Good luck, post a comment with any questions, and good night :)


margo said...

Hahahahaha Meggin! You can totally use those!! :)

I want to start using pics as my background too - but sometimes the computer just confuses me!!! I think I'll join this challenge!! - I like the random/chance book idea. AANNNNNNNDDDD Since I might be join book mooch I FINNALLY might be joining you bloggers with the current book!! :)

When do we start?

ps - Sometimes I wish you didn't approve them because I always wait to read what other people write - you make me wait on being nosy :P

Allison said...

I totally agree with Margo about the approving your comments thing!

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