Friday, August 21, 2009

Theme Thursday Ideas?

Hey everyone... I'm trying to write Theme Thursday but I can't think of any themes! Does anyone have any? I'd really appreciate it :)


Allison said...

Hey Meggin... hmmm I can't really think of any ideas right now, sorry! But I was thinking of doing Theme Thursday myself, so maybe we could link to each other when we do it? :)

margo said...

Horror? Romance? Action? Mystery? Goofy? Comic?

**NeonGlitter** said...

Hmmmm...I can't think of anything! I'll tell you if I do though. :o)

I'm desperate, you MUST tell us who won the contest! You're keeping us in Did I spell suspence right? I don't know! :D

Meggin said...

Allison- Oooh, it would be so cool if you did it too :) I'll comment on the sight.

Thanks Margo! I'm not going so much for genre as I am the issues it deals with. Like eating disorders-- Wintergirls, Skinny, etc. I'll try genres though :)

Amber-- Haha, I know- sorry! Posted by tonight at nine is my goal. So here's hoping. :)

margo said...

OH! Hahaha NOW I get it X)

hmm let me think more and I'll come back with an issue :)

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