Saturday, August 8, 2009

Think Your Voice Doesn't Count? Think Again!

I just saw the post on Em's Bookshelf about the new cover of Liar! A few weeks ago, as you'll remember, the blogoverse was on fire about the cover of Liar, the new book by Justine Larbaliester, which showed a white girl with long hair, when in reality, the character was BLACK with SHORT hair. While publishers tried to cover up the discrimination, no one fell for it, and after many of you email the publisher to let them know what you think, they've decided to change it! Here's the new, PC cover:

I love this one. They kept the themes that draw you in in the first place, and honestly, this one isn't as scary as the other :)
I wasn't going to read this unless they changed the cover. They now have my good word, recommendation and business :) I really and desperately wanted to read it, but I couldn't do that. Now I can though, because... well, problem solved, right? What do you think? Will you buy it now? Aware of the discrimination, would you have bought it anyways with the old cover?
Also, thanks so much to everyone out there who followed us bloggers' lead, and did something about it- you guys are definitely keepers ;)


Sasha said...

This book looks really good but I was SO not aware of what was going on! :S I'm a bit behind
I think I would have been slightly comfuzzled if I had bought it and read it and the cover didn't match the charcter. I have no idea what they have to discriminate against. It's not like we live in the 1950's! I think some publishers should grow up a little! xx

Allison said...

I would have bought the book anyway--you can't hurt the publisher without hurting the author too. And she didn't have any control over the cover.

I'm just really glad that Bloomsbury changed the cover. Obviously it doesn't make what they tried to do okay, but it's what the author and readers deserve.

Meggin said...

I only knew after I saw it last week on Allison's blog, so you're not alone on the behindness :P As to being comfuzzled (lol, love that word xD) by it, I honestly wouldn't have noticed!

Oh, I didn't think of that, Allison, good point :L Yes, she said (the author, Justine L.) she didn't want it like that at all, and had no say- I definitely wouldn't want to hurt her. So, knowing that, and with how great it looks, I would have bought it too, most likely.

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