Monday, September 7, 2009

DBR B-Day Challenge Review: Carbon Diaries 2015, by Saci Lloyd Review

Title: Carbon Diaries 2015
Author: Saci Lloyd
Publisher: Holiday House
MSRP (Hardback): $17.95
Pages (numbered): 330
Rating: * * */5 stars
Summary: The enviro's gone completely mad. After the Great Storm hit London, everyone was like, "It's 2015 already. Stop global warming now." So the gov volunteered Britain to be the stupid guinea pig freak and ration carbon while the rest of Europe flew to Ibiza on holiday.
At first it was weird- blackouts, looting, food shortages. But I still hads my lifeline- my band. the Dirty Angels. And the hope that Ravi would notice me. Eventually.
But then everything got bare twisted. All winter the country was a frozen tundra. Then after months of no rain, Europe literally caught fire, and the mayor had riot police shoot protesters with live bullets! I'll give him a carbon footprint- right up the arse.
Now, as I write this, the highest-category storm in history is headed straight for us. People have died all around me this year, and I'm dead scared. I just wish things would go back to normal, but I don't know what that means anymore.
PLOT: The plot kind of skipped around, and I kept getting lost! I'd pick up where I'd left off and have no idea what the significance of what was happening was, or what had happened prior. BUT, when I knew what the heck was going on, it was exciting and a good theory on what will happen if we don't work to control global warming.
START/ENDING: Start (and most of the middle) I really didn't enjoy. Like I said, it was confusing and I kept getting lost. BUT (in most of these there will be a but) it had a fantastic ending and around page 200 I started really liking this book. However, 200 pages is too long to wait to like a book, in my opinion.
CHARACTERS: I didn't much like the characters. It's written in diary form, so it's not like there was much of an oppurtunity to get to know them, but what I did I didn't enjoy much. They were supposed to come off as quirky, original and real, as I guess was the intent, BUT (see?) they were just plain annoying, if you ask me. There was some good times though, where they were hilarious!
SETTING: The author did an excellent job with the setting of this book- it was thoroughly detailed, and wonderfully imagined, and totally true to the situation. More believable than most sci-fi books acheive.
WRITING: I wasn't much a fan of the writing- kind of blah, and she (Laura Brown, the main character writing the diary) used a lot of slang that I didn't know and even when I did got on my nerves majorly.
OVERALL/ ANYTHING ELSE?: Overall, I think it's something I'd recommend. Definitely not a favorite, but something that really makes you think. ANYTHING ELSE PART- I totally thought of the perfect theme song for this book!
Do The Panic, by Phantom Planet
I always want to do a little feature on my reviews with a theme song for each book, but few times can I get it right enough to do it. This one, though, I think I NAILED it *smug grin* :)
Ok, 3 books down, 5 to go...


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