Monday, September 28, 2009

Movies, Music and Mondays: Mockumentaries and More

Hey everyone! I'm sick with something or other floating around out there, which made me, quite frankly, too lazy to come up with a plausible movie-books tie-in for MMM. So I'm doing this week's post on possibly the BEST genre ever made- mockumentaries/ actual documentaries! *woo...!*:
Some of the best- and, ok, worst, but in the sickly funny way- movies I've ever seen belong in this genre.
Movies featured today (thanks to Netflix people for additional entries!)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Loved it- weird, but I liked it anyways!)
This Is Spinal Tap (Haven't seen it yet- I don't watch R rated movies- but it SOUNDS really great :P)
Super Size Me (I've always had issues with Mickey D's, for whatever reason- only proving further how right my scorn of it is!)
Sicko (It's a classic documentary- plus it's Michael Moore, so you know it must be good! I really wanted to see his latest movie coming out soon, but see note on Spinal Tap :P)
Chalk (Never seen this mockumentary, but I want to now)

To Kill A Mockumentary (Netflix'd... this one I can't really get the concept of!)
Superguy (Another found via Netflix)

And now for the gallery shot:

That's all for this week!


B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

I have seen Super Size Me and it is pretty interesting.. I definitely wouldnt try what the guy did..but still a pretty cool movie. I didnt like Spinal Tap, that just was stupid for me. And Drop Dead Gorgeous is funny, its weird, but funny. And the others I have never heard of..but they sounds interesting. Michaal Moore has some good mockumentaries, I may just have to see Sicko, I heard it was good.


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