Monday, September 28, 2009

New look, again!

Hey everyone! Excuse the mess coming soon- SBR is remodeling! I'm redoing it. The current layout I got because it looks exactly like the album cover to The Shin's debut album (I'm also changing the soundtrack, so be sure to look out for pretty much every song by them EVER scattered throughout), that and it's wintery and, er, pretty... :)

So, if you visit and everything on the siderbars is wiped out, it'll all be back soon. That's the unfortunate side effect of changing templates :_(


margaret said...

Have fun!! And good luck!! I need to re-arrange some things and HTML codes can be so tedious!!! (That's why I've been putting it off :P) I can't wait to see the new SBR!!! :)

Falling Off The Shelf said...

Cool! I'm waiting to see how many more entries I'll be getting in my Layout Contest..there are 3 so far. When I choose a winning layout I'll be tweaking a lot of stuff. Looking forward to the new look :)

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