Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott review

Title: Something, Maybe

Author: Elizabeth Scott

Publisher/Date: Simon Pulse, March 2009

MSRP (Hardback Edition): $17.99

Pages (numbered): 224

Rating: * * * */5

Plot: While it's definitely been done before, it wasn't boring, as others along these lines tend to be-- Ms. Scott did a lot with it ot make it good, and it still had great twists and turns that kept me laughing and flipping pages throughout the book.

Characters: Awesome characters! They all had great personalities, were enormously flawed (in the way you want to see, in a real sense) like us, and Hannah could have been a friend from school, telling me her story, for how much like me she was. And Finn... sigh... Finn was definitely the best male lead in a book I've read in a while!

Start/ending: Not a remarkable start, but it was *mostly* uphill from there. Mostly, meaning there was some corny conversations in between. But it had a good, final ending.

Writing: It doesn't blow you away or anything, but it was really funny and interesting- like my best friend wrote it :)

Overall/anything else?: While not my favorite Elizabeth Scott book, and not something truly remarkable, it was still an enjoyable, funny, romantic read that I would recommend.


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