Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday: Cashing In

There are some problems even winning the lottery can’t fix.

With as many hours as Reggie Shaw puts in at the Cashmart, it’s no wonder that her grades and her friendships are slipping. Worst of all, Reggie’s mother’s inability to keep a job means that Reggie is pulling the weight of two people. Then, Reggie’s mom wins big in the lottery. Suddenly the money—and the popularity—comes pouring in. But when Reggie finds out that her mother has been borrowing more money than she actually won, she must face up to the fact that happiness can’t be bought—it only comes with hard work.

(I can't wait until this comes out, Dutton always has the best books!)

Cashing In, by Susan Colebank, will be released by Dutton on November 12 2009.


Kelsey said...

This looks really good! The cover is cute too(:

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