Sunday, August 16, 2009

In My Mailbox- August 15th

Hey guys, guess what?
I got 21 books this week. Yes, I see your jaws dropping over there ;)

So here's the breakdown for this week!
THE RECIEVED FOR REVIEW: None (at least, not THIS week... *rubs hands in a scheming manner*)

My thoughts:

Waves: Yay! I can't believe they had this at the library. I almost bought it just before I went to the library, but I decided against buying any more books and got this. It's a kind of mystery novel, and it sounds realllllly good, but sad. I love the cover.
Just Listen: I'm sorry to say I'm technically a Sarah Dessen... VIRGIN (the reason it's emphasised is for Sara L, You asked for a hint in the comments on the review of Triple Shot Betty? There it is!), and apparently you guys are nutso for the stuff, so I figured why not when they actually had it on the shelf.
Envy: I'm almost done with this one already! omgomgomg I can't put it down. SO much drama... I can't wait for Splendor (love that title)!
Triple Shot Bettys In Love: As you know, the first book wasn't that good to me, but I saw the sequel on the shelves and I couldn't resist. This one looks better :)
Teen Inc.: I've been looking everywhere for this! Shorty that I am I had to CLIMB the bookshelf in the library to get it. I got caught by the librarian xD So she brough me a stool and all is well.
Does My Head Look Big In This?: I shied away from this for some reason or other, but then I saw it when someone had put it on the shelf with the back cover, and I had to pick it up on account of the polka dots of adorableness! It looks awesome.
Wintergirls: I finally got it! Mom put a hold on it for me and I got it the next day. Fantastic- words can't convey the worthiness of this book. I sense a rave review in our future.
The Adoration of Jenna Fox: I love the cover of this, absolutely gorgey (sorry Sasha, I'm stealing your word!). And the book so far is even better.
Click: This sounds really good too- I haven't heard of any of the authors contributing but I have incentive to now :)
Aurelia: Another book I almost bought but decided against! Part of my historical fiction (I can't think of the exact genre of books like this... Ivy, Ophelia, Aurelia... anybody know? It'll be a big help when I go on a hunt for those!) kick.
The Film Club: For once I'm glad the people misshelved (they're AWFUL about that) at the library- it's teen non fiction but it got placed in the new shelves. I wouldn't have found it otherwise. It sounds completely my thing, and I'm getting movie recommendations along the way :)
Graceling- I'm reading this for Sara's challenge, as a substitute. I saw it on te shelves (serendipity is my best buddy lately, especially kind. Maybe because I named my review site after it? :D) and I grinned. I got some weird looks.
Ready or Not: An All American Girl novel- The sequel to All American Girl, which I read the other week. My sources (meaning you guys) tell me it's better than the first!
Isabelle's Boyfriend: Just popped into my hands off the shelf today. I saw a review on Em's Bookshelf a while ago, I just remembered- probably why it looked so familiar :)

Lipstick Apology: I read a review of this on Sunshine Edition (Rachel's blog- hey! :)) and I decided I had to have it. It's amazing, I love it- another rave review on your way ;)

Sisters in Sanity: I love the cover... pretty! The main thing that drew me to it was the fact that it's the author if the phenomenal book, If I Stay. If it's half as good as that, it'll be fantastic!

Exclusively Chloe: This is one of the Elusive 3 (Exclusively Chloe, Shrinking Violet and Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies- debuts connected in my mind- 2 down, but the last still is no where to be found!) and it sounds great. (Sorry that phrase is popping up too much in this post! Actuallyh I'm not, it means the books are good ;))

Shrinking Violet- Again, Elusive 3. I am almost exactly like Violet, and the book has a really fresh good plot.

Ophelia: Reading for Sara's challenge. Pretty good so far.


Other, in this case, meaning I stole it from my mom's room :) I just saw the movie, I definitely recommend it! I was going to review it for Movie Monday tomorrow, but I'm doing a John Hughes memorial tribute instead.
So that's my enormous haul this week! What about you guys?


bookalicious said...

Omgosh, what a fantastic batch!!! A bunch of books I'd love to read too! Hope you enjoy them! :)

Sasha said...

I'm reading Just Listen at the mo'

Imogen said...

envy and does my head look big in this are the only books i've read out of those but they are really good esp. envy. Also i ranted about twilight you might want to check it out ;) I would have done you proud :L.

Sunkissed said...

awww Meggin your too sweet!!:) Im glad you loved lipstick Apology!!! all your other books look fantastic as well!!


a flight of minds said...

Libraries are awesome! I rely on my own library so much. :P You got a lot of amazing books this week! I love Wintergirls, The Adoration of Jenna Fox, and Graceling. Sisters in Sanity isn't as good as If I Stay, but it's definitely more than half as good. Hope you enjoy all your lovely books!

- Alex

Juju said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to see what you read first.

Lolita said...

Oh my gosh I'm so jealous! Have fun reading all those glorious books!

Taschima Cullen said...

Envy!!!! I want to read it!!

Bri Meets Books said...

You're going to be busy! The Film Club, I have to check that out. This is the third blog I've been on tonight, where somebody said they hadn't read Sarah Dessen either, and were trying her out. Me too! I liked what I read of Shrinking Violet. Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Oh haha I thought "Ready or Not" was terrible. I loved the first one and then was really let down by the second.

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